About the Split Worlds

The Split Worlds is an urban fantasy series set in Bath, London and Oxford and the secret magical reflections of those cities. It features mad sorcerers, evil Fae, feuding dynastic families and quite a lot of tea and cake.

Alongside the novels there are over fifty short stories, and a shiny new podcast for the audio versions of them!



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  1. Jenny says:

    Where do I begin…
    I found you being interviewed whilst pouring over many podcasts about writing. I just finished my first draft of my first book and I'm scared to death to re-read it. It's been resting for several months now and the longer it goes, the more I walk by my laptop staring at it like it's a big green monster. I'm a full time photographer, so I use my business of running a studio as to why I don't have time to write.
    Anyways, that's not what I'm necessarily writing about today. I just read the first short story you sent in my email and I am floored. I love a good read, but this was extraordinary and I am on the edge of my seat. I can barely wait until next week!
    I've been reading your blog posts and can't absorb it fast enough. I'm going to force myself to bed as it's pretty late here in Idaho, USA.
    I just wanted to give you encouragement (like you really needed it from me) and tell you that I love your written words. I feel you and I have a similar personality and I look forward to seeing your work as sort of a mentoring to my daily commitment to write.

  2. Allison says:

    Wow. Talk about concise and descriptive. I love your writing. ^^
    I hope that my writing'll draw in people like yours. I just read one story and already subscribed. Love the viewpoints, and how you use the "Show don't tell" rule efficiently and effectively.
    Thank you! ^^

  3. Natalie Ford says:

    (Also, http://natalief.livejournal.com/ .)

    I love that you read your stories each week so that I can listen to them as I knit. Audiobooks and stories are the new eBooks as they can be listened to whilst multitasking!

  4. sue says:

    Dear Emma,
    I came across your book on audible by chance and saw split world and this tweaked my curiosity being a bit of a fae / mundane fantasist myself. I have to say I loved the book the audio and everything the mundane elements made me laugh ie Sam / Cathy and how you transversed the worlds and the language difference with such ease.

    I CANNOT WAIT for the next book … write quicker!!

    I have had a book penned in my head for years and years and years but I just cant find the time and space to even think it would be worthy to bravo to you for your exellent achievement. I don't know you but I am so proud and pleased for you .

    With best wishes

    Sue Jones-Smithson

    • Emma Newman says:

      Hi Sue, So delighted you enjoyed it, and thanks for stopping by to let me know! The second in the series, Any Other Name is out in audio book now and the third, All Is Fair will be released at the end of September. I enjoyed recording them! :)

  5. Kate Sims says:

    I have loved the entiretyI just finished All Is Fair last night.

  6. Kate Sims says:

    Oh my, sometimes smartphones are not that smart! It should not have submitted. Sorry! As I was trying to write, I have loved the entire series from page one. I just finished All Is Fair last night. Please tell me there is going to be another book in the series! So many unanswered questions; so many new ones to ask! I sincerely hope this is not the end. Thank you for a wonderful adventure!

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