Split Worlds masked ball – Character Gen questionnaire

Hello lovely players!

So these are the questions that are featured in the online questionnaire you will have received a link to when you signed up to the email list sent out when you bought your tickets. We've had a request for the questions to be available here for people to consider before filling in the form. You can find the online character gen questionnaire here.

If you have filled out your form and subsequently change your mind about something, simply fill out the form again AND email us to tell us you've submitted a new entry, so we can be certain we are basing our prep on the most recent version should we find two for your name. To email, either reply to any previous correspondence from Emma or fill in the contact form on this site.

Please note, on the real form, there are also questions about food allergies, previous RPG experience and a space to detail other players with whom you'd like to be in an in-character group.

Character gen questions

Here are some questions which will help us design a character for you that we hope you will enjoy playing. If you have any questions about any of this, or any particular requests/ideas, please include them in the ‘Any Additional Information’ section at the bottom of this form. We suggest you also email us directly with specific requests, as we may not be able to cater to your precise wishes but we can see what we can do!

Rate the following on a scale from 1 to 4 for how much they apply to your wishes, 1 being ‘not at all’ and 4 being ‘completely me’.

1. I want to be completely loyal to my family’s patron.

2. I want to completely loyal to my family.

3. I want to be out for myself.

4. I’m a bit shy and would prefer to not be the centre of attention.

5. I want to cause trouble.

6. I want a romance plotline.

7. I want an enemy.

8. I want a secret.

9. I want a specific goal to achieve.

10. I’d enjoy being in a position of authority and leadership.

One last character-defining question:

When residents of the Nether come of age, they may ask their family’s Patron for one boon to grant them: for example, great beauty, an incredible talent, or, of course, in Cathy’s case, to go to university in Mundanus.

What did your character ask for?

Additional Information: (Please add more defined concepts/requests here, whether it be specific character archetypes (“I’d like to be a dashing swordsman from the Iris family”), backstories (“I want to have been missing presumed dead for years right up till I walk into the room”), goals you’d like to achieve (“I’d like to be on the search for a wife to marry quickly and shut up my parents”) to even things you’d like the opportunity to do (“I want an excuse to have a loud screaming match with a fashion rival in the middle of the dancefloor”). As ever, please feel free to email us to discuss specific ideas!)