Michael's wishes

Michael doesn't have a place online to put these and so submitted them through the special form. If you can grant any of them, pop a note into the comments below and I'll connect you to each other. The wishes are below, as Michael entered them into the form. As Michael sent in two forms (stretching that three wishes a bit there Michael!) I've amalgamated them below.

1. I want a record deal and to be a rich actor, without media clash.

2. To have me and my family to have a big lavish life without media clash. To be welthy humbel and famous and still havr my friends.

3.To have a girlfriend who i love and she loves me back

3*. For my mother to get married to someone she loves and that we accept an to have her dream car wich wont eat on petrol and still go to school and still have my friends and for her to still have her friends. For my mum to get married to a guy who loves us like his own.

* – I let this extra one in because it's for Michael's Mum, and Mum's need all the magic they can get.

These are tricky for someone else to fulfill, but can you offer help with any of these? Comment below if you can!