The Split Worlds

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Come into the Split Worlds…

Dynastic families feud across the ages, furthering the agendas of their supernatural patrons.

Innocents are protected by monsters and the beautiful ones are not what they seem.


The Split Worlds is an urban fantasy setting with a dash of noir, fantastical magic, evil faeries and people just trying to drink their tea in peace. You can explore it via the novels being published by Angry Robot Books, the year and a day of weekly short stories or via a variety of real world games and events that will be starting in August 2013.

Perhaps you've read one of the novels and are looking for more information about the characters, the world or even me, the author. Perhaps you have questions. Perhaps you just want to say hello and leave a comment about what you've read. Whatever you want to do here, may I first say thank you for being curious about the world I've created.

Come into the Split Worlds and experience the blurring between the magical and the mundane…