Writing process

If you're curious about how I write books, I've written a few posts about this on my blog which may be of interest. There's a section called "The Writer's Rutter" which is where I've stuffed most of the posts about writing, what it's like to get published and a few other bits and pieces. If you're wondering what on Earth a "rutter" is, I explain here: A Writer's Rutter 

On Agility, Pants and Outlines

People often ask if I'm a "Plotter" or a "Pantster" and the quick answer is: I'm both. This post explains what I call the "Agile" method (based on the Agile coding approach to building large websites).

Read the post here

Experiments in the Writing Life

Another thing people ask is how long it takes to write a book. I explain that I write my first draft in about five weeks, writing about 4,000 words a day, five days a week. In no sense am I saying that's what everyone should do. In fact, I think the word "should" needs to be banned in the context of writing. And most things actually.

This is a post about working out how to write lots without breaking my brain on a daily basis: Experiments in the Writing Life

And this is a post about how I cranked out the first draft of Between Two Thorns (it's not as sleazy as the title might suggest): How I wrote over 95,800 words in 34 days 

If there's something you're curious about and I haven't written about it in my rutter, drop me a line at the contact page and I'll see if it's something I can write a post about for you.