Interviews & podcast appearances


Chuck Wendig's Ten Questions
My Bookish Ways
SQ Mag (International Speculative Fiction e-Zine)
An interview at The Qwillery
John Wiswell interviews me at The Bathroom Monologues
Working for the Mandroid interviewed me with some of my favourite questions ever.
I'm interviewed at Book Jems.

Guest posts about the Split Worlds series

The Big Idea – A guest post on Scalzi's website about the big ideas in Between Two Thorns
My Favourite Bit – Why the scene with Cathy and Lord Poppy early in "Between Two Thorns" is my favourite
Great Names for Great Families – The thinking behind the names of the Great Families
Fantasy Faction – The evolution of the Split Worlds series from short stories to novels
Location, location, location – why I chose Bath as the setting for Between Two Thorns
What is urban fantasy anyway? Guest post on The Creative Penn

Interviews with characters from the Split Worlds

Mieneke interviews the gargoyle.
Lisa interviews Max (and the gargoyle shows up too)

Podcast / radio interviews

20 Mins with Emma Newman – The Roundtable Podcast
Story Workshop at the Roundtable Podcast
Interview on SF Signal
Tangential Deviation – Geek Planet Online
Discussion of Between Two Thorns on Ujima Radio
How I got the Angry Robot deal on Ujima Radio (plus minor ranting about the British class system)