Reviews of Any Other Name (Split Worlds #2)

"So much mystery! So many plots afoot! I feel rather like a fish on a hook, here. Once again – well played, Ms Newman. If you enjoy tea and cake with your intrigue, then The Split Worlds is well worth getting into. I'm happy to say I'm glad I did."
– Lisa, Over the Effing Rainbow

“This book is filled with action. There are murder attempts, upheaval of patriarchal structures and plenty of threats circulating amongst the characters. The world building continues to be phenomenal and the writing is beautiful. I really can't get enough of this series.”
Leah Woods, review on Uncorked Thoughts

“Another fantastic installment to The Split Worlds series, I loved book two even more than book one and think this series is definitely one to watch. The ending of the novel had me completely on edge and closed with such a big bang that I was completely in shock. I definitely didn’t see some of the twists coming and the level of treachery from several of the characters is unbelievable, even from those characters I’d grown to love. This series is fantastically written, with Newman knowing just how to grab the reader’s interest before delivering one hell of an emotional punch. I am excitedly awaiting book three, and luckily I won’t have too long to wait.”
– Rebecca, reviewing for Book Chick City

"I gave up sleep to finish this book and was very glad I did… I've read many period romances that gloss over the realities of living in a society where you really have no rights. I think this book conveyed well the horror of having the rights most of us take for granted stripped away, and does it without being preachy about it."
Review by the Kindleaholic