Announcing the first thank you prize!

By Emma Newman on November 15, 2011

It's time to announce the first prize for collecting 500 thank you points, but before I begin to describe it, there's a couple of things I want to be certain I've explained.

Firstly: Some prizes will be given to EVERYONE as soon as you have collected a certain number of thank you points, e.g. when you get to 1000 points, you will get the first of a long list of thank you gifts

This is important because it means you will always get a special prize / thank you gift once you reach certain thresholds, so if you don't get one of the limited prizes because someone else has beaten you to a particular point score, there's still every reason to keep earning the points.

Secondly: Some prizes will be limited to a number of people on a first reached basis

Thirdly: I'm introducing the prizes slowly at first, half because I don't want to overwhelm people, and half because I'm going slow and steady to work out any problems as I go along.

A note about this blog

I'm planning to use this blog to explain the points and prizes stuff as and when it comes up, as an organic FAQ and as a means of keeping you guys up to date on various developments. It will be purely focused on the Split Worlds, and I'll keep blogging about the other stuff over at my place.

So, without further ado, here is the first thank you prize

If you are one of the first 10 people to collect 500 thank you points, you will have a report / letter written about you by a character in the Split Worlds and published on this site. You will get to see yourself through the eyes of certain individuals in the Split Worlds, and if you participate in a future live event, you may well get an extra something special just for you on the day.

I'm hoping it will be fun for you, and will give everyone else a chance to "meet" you too. Rest assured, nothing will be published without your approval first. If you are one of those ten, I'll email you with a few questions to get the process rolling.

Several people already have over 300 thank you points, and if you're curious, here's a sure fire way to get your total up nice and quick:

  • Sign up for the Split Worlds newsletter (on the right): 100 points and a bonus story
  • Host a Split Worlds story: 100 points (To keep this fair, stories will appear in the order people have offered, so if you want to step forwards, let me know ASAP!)
  • Write a blog post about the Split Worlds (and send me the link): 100 points
  • Like the Split Worlds Facebook page: 5 points

So that's 305 right off the bat. Here are some quick and easy ways to earn points here and there:

  • If you RT / tweet about the Split Worlds using #splitworlds you get 1 point a tweet
  • If you share a link on Facebook: 1 point
  • Comment on any of the weekly stories (text or audio): 2 points

And for those of you who want to have a go at getting an extra boost, pop a prompt for one of the weekly stories into the comments below and if it inspires a story, you get another 100 points. (By prompt I mean an opening line, a story title, a line of dialogue – anything that can inspire a story!)

I think that's enough for now. Any questions, ask away in the comments below!

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  1. Mike and Liz says:

    Here is a prompt: Ah yes, here is the special shaker, let's see, each shake is 10 years off, so three should do it nicely.

  2. Caz says:

    "Out of Order? How strange! It was functioning perfectly well earlier. Oh well, we'd better take the stairs"

    The child skipped on ahead, counting the steps as she went.

    With a shiver, her mother realised there was at least an extra flight compared to the levels on the lift they'd taken up to the second floor, and they still hadn't reached the exit door…

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