Can you grant a wish?

I'm collecting all the three wishes posts I find below. (If you want to join in follow the instructions here.) If you want to make some wishes but don't have a website, add your wishes in the comments below. Can you help to make any of them come true?

Pete is wishing for a book deal with Angry Robot (I wished for a that for a long time too!), people to help with a graphic novel idea and a publishing job in Bristol.

Leah is wishing for a career in publishing, to meet JK Rowling again and talk to her (I totally sympathise with star-struck loss of words!) and to continue to conquer anxiety.

Dom is wishing he had enough time to pursue all his interests (I hear you!), for his daughter to find a role-playing group with her friends and for his son to find a job he enjoys (currently interested in photography and videography.

Misa wishes her series could be made into an audio drama, that agents would accept novella and that she could borrow Chuck Wendig's brain (I imagine it's rather noisy there).

Lee wishes he could find a nice place to take the family on his 20th wedding anniversary, to appear onstage for one performance of a west-end musical (anyone know someone involved with Matilda?) and for a pilot sit-com he wrote with a friend to be read by someone who commissions stuff for TV.

Sara is wishing for a piece of jewellery made by her to be worn by someone at the Hugo's or Academy Awards, to finish her novel and get it critiqued by a professional in the industry and to be on the SF Squeecast (I can definitely relate to that desire).

Becky wishes her YA novel would be published traditionally (help with queries appreciated), she's also wishing for advice on how to have a career in publishing and to raise more than £100 for Cancer Research when she runs 10K in the Race for Life she's doing this year. There's a link here to help her achieve that.

Katharine wishes she could crack the motivation and discipline to write every day again, that she could find something that really helps with depression, anxiety and stress and for a Sherlock Season 3 (or a cameo on Doctor Who) – hey! Isn't that four wishes? ;)

Paul wishes he could go to the Eternal City in Rome, that he could go on a major photographic expedition to somewhere exotic and to get rid of his credit card debt. Perhaps all three could be granted in one swoop if there's anyone in our community who could hire him to go to take lots of pictures of Rome and other places.

Andrew wishes the poetry magazine Fur-lined Ghettos his partner has worked so hard on editing could find some more love and sales, he wishes his novella could be adapted into a graphic novel and that he could receive a reply to a message sent to someone about making a another novella into a movie.

Theresa wishes she could find a book deal for her novel about witches and angels, that her weight loss continues and to get a holiday flat or chalet in the UK to take her elderly father on holiday.

Catherine is wishing for a book deal, for more people to read her serial fiction and to to be able to pay for a wonderful artist to illustrate her work.

Vicky wishes for readers and for those people to tell others about her writing, cover art and illustrations for her work and to be published and see her books on a bookshop shelf.

Emma (not me by the way) wishes for someone or something to keep reminding her about the correct ratio of daydreaming to typing when it comes to writing, for a new librarian post as she's seeking work and nothing more (she only had two wishes)!

Wesley is wishing for a proper bicycle, that he could see more of his friend Bob (are you reading this, Bob?) and that he can help grant someone else's wishes.

Kate wishes she could be an extra on Sherlock and/or (probably and) Game of Thrones (she's already an extra in films and other TV shows) and wishes she could watch the NFL from the sidelines.

Bea wishes to be best at gymnastics, to be smart and look like Emily Rudd.

Stasey wishes he could have an illustrator work with him to complete his novels, to meet Neil Gaiman again as he was a tad star-struck when he met him twenty years ago (I *really* hope that one comes true – I relate!) and for some kind of help for his wife who was diagnosed with an incurable auto-immune disease (and Stasey appreciates just how hard that one is to fulfill).

Grace wishes her Mum could win the lottery (I think that's a common wish!) and for her appearance to change and for romance to blossom with a handsome fellow spotted at a concert.

Michael is stretching the three wishes somewhat but as I'm not one of the Fae (and one is for his Mum) I'm letting him get away with it. Michael is wishing for fame and fortune a la Will Smith as both an actor and recording artist, for him and his family to have wealth yet humility, to have a loving girlfriend and for his Mum to find happiness too.